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The Perfect Cribbage Hand

Cribbage Rules

The rules of Cribbage are simple. It is a card game for two to four players. Described by some as ‘a game of low, animal cunning’, it demands skill, experience, craftiness and luck to win. A popular English pub game, it can be enjoyed by all generations and nowadays you can even play Cribbage online. The rules of cribbage are simple and easy to learn.

The scope for strategy, clever discards, and sheer blind luck makes it a fascinating and involving game at every level of play. Cribbage Corner has everything you need to learn and play, including how to get the perfect cribbage hand!

You can download free cribbage games for Windows, cribbage games for Mac and also smartphones and PDAs such as the Apple iPhone and BlackBerry, and play cribbage online.

If you have any questions about the rules of cribbage, there are hundreds of helpful users on CribbageCorner! Please post a comment below and someone will respond! You can always contact us directly as well!