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Leading strategy

Basic lead strategy in cribbage If in doubt, lead a 4. This is the highest card on which the opponent cannot immediately make 15. Lower cards are best kept for later. Remember that ten-cards in cribbage far outnumber any others...

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Planet Cribbage

The things you learn on Twitter! Cribbage fiend and tournament player Chris Parsons has a great blog all about cribbage, called Planet Cribbage! Chris writes on cribbage strategy and has some great tips, for beginners and...

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Cribbage Rules – The Basics

The Cards and Cribbage Board Cribbage is played with an ordinary 52-card deck with the jokers removed. The cribbage board is used to keep score are traditionally made of wood, with 30, 60 or 120 holes per player. The Cut The...

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Cribbage Discard Strategy

Cribbage rules and cribbage strategy make the discard one of the key elements of skill in cribbage. You must try to maximize the remaining points in your hand, while leaving yourself useful cards to play in different tactical...

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Cribbage Etiquette

Etiquette is important in card games, in cribbage etiquette is valued more than most. It is regarded as a gentleman’s game (naturally, for card-playing purposes, ladies can be gentlemen too). Like most worthwhile things in...

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Basic Cribbage Strategy

Basic cribbage strategy Cribbage strategy is a key part of playing and winning cribbage. Merely knowing the cribbage rules is not enough to play well. Here are some hints on basic cribbage strategy which should keep you out of...

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