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Odds of a 29 hand in cribbage

It is possible to work out the exact chances of getting a 29 hand in cribbage. Mathematician and stats expert David desJardins explains: You need to be dealt three fives, the jack of the fourth suit, and two other cards neither...

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Free cribbage

Free cribbage downloads and sites where you can play online are easy to find, thanks to our exclusive guide! Free cribbage online is one of our favourite free online cribbage sites – all you need is a Web...

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Cribbage en Español

El juego de crib en castellano! Reglamentos de Cribbage Como jugar cribbage. Reglamentos de cribbage Enlaces Cribbage Más páginas del web que pueden ayudarte. Historia de cribbageCribbage online gratis de Yahoo! Juegos Tienes...

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Favorite Cribbage Websites

We asked Kevin, Cribbage Corner’s resident 15-year-old Internet guru, to recommend some of his favourite cribbage sites. Kevin? Yo yo what’s up? Check these sites, dogg. They be illin’! (We often don’t...

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Cribbage Corner relaunches!

Cribbage Corner is one of the biggest cribbage sites on the Web and has been around for over 10 years. We’ve had emails from many of you asking what happened to the old site and if it would ever return. Well, Cribbage...

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Cribbage Tournament Rules

How to set up a Cribbage Tournament There are many cribbage tournaments held by local cribbage clubs, and even regional and national events. You could set up a cribbage tournament of your own with a few friends, which could be...

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