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Penalties in Cribbage

What are the rules on penalties in the game of cribbage? How many different penalties are there in the game of cribbage? When playing with friends, we don’t usually score penalty points for mistakes in play. In more...

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Rules of Cribbage

The rules of cribbage are simple and very easy to learn! Cribbage Corner has everything you need to get started playing the game, and also to help you progress and become a better player. Our cribbage rules guide starts with the...

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Aces in Cribbage

Scoring aces: Is the ace high in cribbage? In cribbage aces are always counted as one point, rather than as elevens or fourteens as in some other games. So, for example, A-2-3 is a run, but Q-K-A is not. Counting aces as ones...

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Lowball Cribbage

Lowball cribbage is a variant of cribbage. Everything you know is wrong! In Lowball cribbage the aim is to score as low as possible, and the first to 121 is the loser. The winner scores a skunk if he has not yet reached 91 when...

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Cribbage Rules – The Basics

The Cards and Cribbage Board Cribbage is played with an ordinary 52-card deck with the jokers removed. The cribbage board is used to keep score are traditionally made of wood, with 30, 60 or 120 holes per player. The Cut The...

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