west of pluto cribbage

Looking for mobile phone cribbage games to download for your cellphone or Java-capable mobile phone? Welcome to our complete guide to cribbage for mobile!

Cribbage by West of Pluto Software

west of pluto cribbage2

Cribbage from West of Pluto software runs on any Java MIDP cellphone or Windows CE mobile phone, and is an attractive and colourful cribbage game with intelligent computer opponent. Click here to download Cribbage for mobile phone.

Cribbage by Magmic Games

magmic cribbage
A nicely animated cribbage game for Java mobiles which supports 2, 3 or 4 players, and even claims Muggins points if you don’t calculate your score correctly! Great practice game. Click here to download Magmic Cribbage.

Other mobile platforms

See our pages for Android cribbage, Palm cribbage, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile cribbage, iPhone cribbage and BlackBerry cribbage.