iPhone Cribbage Games to Download

Looking for a free cribbage game for iPhone? You’re in the right place! Check out our iPhone cribbage reviews below.

We review the best iPhone cribbage games available. If you know of other cribbage games for iPhone, contact us!

3Jacks Cribbage

3Jacks Cribbage is a new cribbage game for the iPhone which supports Apple’s Game Center, allowing you to play against your friends.


3Jacks Cribbage on the iPhone App Store

crib iphone shot

Cribbage Partner for iPhone

Cribbage Partner for iPhone is now available! One of the best iPhone cribbage apps we’ve seen – already a big hit on the Palm and Windows Mobile / Pocket PC platforms, Casdra Software’s Cribbage Partner includes a genetically evolved AI and beautiful graphics.

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Solitaire City

iphone cribbage squares
A Cribbage Squares solitaire game is included in Solitaire City from Digital Smoke for the iPhone. In addition to cribbage, the game features Spider, FreeCell, Klondike, Demon, Poker Squares, Pyramid, Golf, Casket, Alternations, Eliminator, Yukon and Tri-Peaks.

iPhone Cribbage Board

This Javascript-based cribbage board lets you use your Apple iPhone to record the score of a game of cribbage. Cribbage scoring on iPhone is much more fun than using pencil and paper!

iPhone crib board

Other Mobile Platforms

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