Month: May 2008

Favorite Cribbage Websites

We asked Kevin, Cribbage Corner’s resident 15-year-old Internet guru, to recommend some of his favourite cribbage sites. Kevin? Yo yo what’s up? Check these sites, dogg. They be illin’! (We often don’t...

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Cribbage Discard Strategy

Cribbage rules and cribbage strategy make the discard one of the key elements of skill in cribbage. You must try to maximize the remaining points in your hand, while leaving yourself useful cards to play in different tactical...

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Cribbage Corner relaunches!

Cribbage Corner is one of the biggest cribbage sites on the Web and has been around for over 10 years. We’ve had emails from many of you asking what happened to the old site and if it would ever return. Well, Cribbage...

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