Windows Mobile cribbage and Pocket PC cribbage

Windows Mobile cribbage / Pocket PC cribbage

There are several cribbage games available for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC (for desktop Windows, see our Cribbage games for Windows page). Here are some of our favourites:

Championship Cribbage Pro

Championship Cribbage Pro is a simple and fun cribbage game for Windows Mobile with a free trial.

Download Championship Cribbage Pro for Windows Mobile

Cribbage Partner

Cribbage Partner from Casdra Software is attractive and well-designed, and makes good use of the touch-screen. It is shareware, so you can download it for free but if you like it, register for the price of $12.

Download Cribbage Partner demo for Pocket PC

Other mobile platforms

See our pages for Android cribbage, Palm cribbage, mobile phone cribbage, iPhone cribbage and BlackBerry cribbage.

Windows Cribbage

I very much like Cribbage Classic for the Windows Phone by GamesbyPost LLC which was free to download