Cribbage games for Windows

Looking for cribbage games for Windows? We get a lot of requests here at Cribbage Corner from folks who love cribbage, but haven't convinced their friends to play yet, or just want to practice by playing cribbage on their computer. So what are the best cribbage games for your PC? We look at some of the top commercial software, and free cribbage game downloads from the Web.

Cribbage Quest

Cribbage Quest

Cribbage Quest is a fun graphical cribbage game for Windows PCs which lets you either play standard cribbage against the computer, or take part in a special interactive Adventure mode where you join a cast of colourful British characters on a quest for the golden peg! Ideal for kids.

Cribbage Quest is great for getting the whole family involved in playing cribbage, and although it's not exactly for the serious student of the game, it is a good way for beginners to learn cribbage. Cribbage teaches kids basic arithmetic and introduces the idea of combinations (how many different ways there are to pick two cards from three, for example). It is also very easy to learn and will provide you with a fun hobby for life.

Hoyle Card Games 2008

Buy Hoyle Card Games 2008 from now ($17.99)

Hoyle Card Games 2008 is 75 card games in one! If you have Windows or Mac, you can play Cribbage and other classic games including Bridge, Hearts and Texas Hold'em against your computer or your friends and family.

Although Hoyle Card Games 2008 is more expensive than some dedicated Windows cribbage games, it does include a great variety of other games if you should get tired of playing cribbage! This is the ideal gift for card-playing fanatics who want to use their Windows computer for something more interesting than email and spreadsheets. Also available for Mac.

Where to find cribbage games for Windows is one of the best places to find cribbage software for PCs and other systems. Cribbage Quest and Hoyle Card Games 2008 are not the only titles available, so search for 'cribbage' to find the latest Windows cribbage software.

Other operating systems

Have a look at the cribbage for Mac OS X Leopard page if you are a Mac user, or the cribbage for Windows Mobile, Palm and PDAs page for cribbage on the move! Linux users needn't feel left out: see cribbage games for Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and Gentoo Linux section.

Free cribbage games

Generally, you get what you pay for, and the commercial cribbage games for Windows are of a much higher quality than free and shareware titles. However, there are some excellent free cribbage games to download, and some commercial products are available in a demo version to try before you buy. See Cribbage Corner's free cribbage games download page for more information.

Playing online

See our guide to free online cribbage games including the excellent

Improving your cribbage

If you want to get an edge over the machine, check out our cribbage books section for some excellent books to take you from beginner to master! You can also read up on our guides to cribbage rules and strategy. While you're at it, why not pick up a few cribbage facts to impress your friends with your all-round knowledge of cribbage?


Wow.. I was searching for

I was searching for some Cribbage games especially Cribbage Quest for my Windows XP, and now I am feeling glad to get those game source over here about the same.

Cribbage for another PC

I'm trying to find some cribbage and solitaire games for my 90 year old Dad, and I want them loaded directly to HIS PC. At the moment I can only remember that he uses Window, but I'm not sure which version he's on (might be XP or one of the others). I have Windows XP. Is there a way you can email the download to him for me, or do I have to do it?

Thanks for you help.

MVP Cribbagge

If you only have windows XP I recommend MVP Cribbage. I could not get it to work on my laptop with Windows 7 64 bit though. You can set the program to select from several different partners and the computer does all the counting for you. I am not into Muggins and would turn this feature off in any other game I choose. I have not played cribbage online and cannot recommend any of these games.

Cribbage has been in my family a long time and can be traced back to my great great grandfather Charles Gidney who introduced it our family in the late 1800's or early 1900's. I used to watch my Dad and Grandpa play when we'd go home to visit in Wisconsin.

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