Turning Over Played Cards

I recently played crib against an opponent who consistently turned over his played cards after a "Go" and before re-starting the count to continue playing the hand. By hiding his cards it, obviously, made it more difficult to predict the remaining cards in his hand. When I (politely) commented that I had never seen anyone do this before, he replied that it just a habit. My wife and I subsequently played crib with him and his wife only to note that this was something they both did. I have never seen any rule to this regard and we feel it to be poor etiquette. However, this may be an accepted procedure that we are just unfamiliar with. Although we could simply comply by doing the same thing we do not particularly enjoy the strategy.

Is there a rule to this regard? If so, is it one that would normally be discussed and agreed to beforehand?

Turning over played cards

In the UK, turning over the cards is the only way the game is played In fact,I was going to mention this to Wesley. I've played pretty well all over the old British Empire and have NEVER seen it played any other way. Just in case you're interested, the game was invented by a certain Sir John Suckling in the C17th. He developed it from an earlier game called Noddy which, it is thought, originated in France. My best man was a Roy Suckling. His brother, John, did some research on this fellow and he came from a small village, Castle Hedingham, which is about 10 miles from here. It's in N. Essex which is a county north of the Thames and borders eastern London.

Although I have seen some

Although I have seen some people do it, viewing turned over cards is against the rules in any card game.

Actually this is illegal

Turning over the cards while playing is illegal. All cards played are to remain face up at all times until the hand is counted completely. www.cribbage.org for official rules.