Three Player and the Go

Hi gang,
A question concerning three person play and Go. We have players A, B, and C.and play has gone around once back to player "A" (the dealer). They play a card making the total 26 then "B" plays a two making it 28 "C" can not play without going over so they call "Go". *One version I've read said that play reverts back to player "B" (they get the point for Go)and they must continue to play any playable cards in their hand while attempting to reach 31. *Another version I heard is play continues forward to player "A" and they continue to play toward 31 then player "B" will also have the opportunity to continue play. If "A" calls a "Go" (immediately after player "C") then player "B" gets the point but they must continue to play any cards in their hand if possible toward 31. So which version is correct or are there multiple variations to this game?
Thanks Greg

Rotation, rotation, rotation

The rotation of who plays next is always the same. The player to the dealer's left plays first and then the player to his/her left plays and so on. The rotation is never broken, so if B says, Go, then it is C's turn, then A's, then B's etc. Players, must play a card bringing the count closer to 31 if they have one.