Three and four-handed cribbage

I have a few questions about three and four-handed cribbage.

How is scoring done when playing a match? Simply the winner gets one point and then new game starts? What if one player is skunked? Or do the remaining players continue playing?

In four-handed version, what is more common - 2 teams or 4 individuals? There aren't as many 4-way cribbage boards available for sale...


Three-handed cribbage skunks

Gloria emailed to ask:

if the winner skunks both opponents does he get 2 extra wins

I would say yes, if you score a skunk against one of your opponents you get 2 wins, so if you score a skunk against both, you should get 3 wins.

Variations on cribbage rules

Cribbage rules have remained largely unchanged since the game first originated in the 17th century, but there are many variations on the standard rules of cribbage and many different forms and variants of the game. Captain's Cribbage is perhaps the best known, and most widely played.

Cribbage rules

Standard cribbage rules

Variations on cribbage scoring

Cribbage scoring can count against you instead of for you, as in Lowball cribbage.

Number of players

The number of players can include one, for solitaire cribbage, two, as in the normal cribbage rules; three, in three-player cribbage and Captain's cribbage, or four, in four-player cribbage.

Number of cards

The number of cards in a cribbage hand can vary from five, in five-Card cribbage, to seven, in seven-card cribbage.

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