Cribbage squares

Cribbage Squares is a variant of the official cribbage rules which you can play by yourself!

To play this cribbage solitaire game, you deal out cards from a shuffled pack one at a time, placing them into a 4x4 grid. Your aim is to make the maximum score from each of the rows and columns. Once you have dealt out the 16 cards, turn one further card up as the starter. Each row and column in the grid is scored as a cribbage hand, using the normal cribbage scoring rules. To 'win' you need to score more than 61 points for all the hands combined.

A more interesting variation on standard Cribbage Squares is to use one or two 'reserves': if you are not sure where to place the current card, you can add it face-up to a reserve pile. The top card from each reserve pile may be played at any time.

Cribbage Squares strategy is not easy at first. You need to use a strategy which makes the maximum score from each hand given the likely turn-up cards.

Highest possible score for Cribbage Squares?

I was wondering if anyone could help. Been playing Cribbage Squares for some time now - the solitaire city version on the iphone which firstly has reminded me how much I like cribbage again, but now being the competitive sort I want to see what the perfect hand would be. Obviously 29 for a single row but the highest I have managed for the squares version is (a quite respectable) 117. But the top score on the high scores is 141!! and to break into the top 50 you need 118! Think I need a different strategy and wondered if anyone has any ideas.

Variations on cribbage rules

Cribbage rules have remained largely unchanged since the game first originated in the 17th century, but there are many variations on the standard rules of cribbage and many different forms and variants of the game. Captain's Cribbage is perhaps the best known, and most widely played.

Cribbage rules

Standard cribbage rules

Variations on cribbage scoring

Cribbage scoring can count against you instead of for you, as in Lowball cribbage.

Number of players

The number of players can include one, for solitaire cribbage, two, as in the normal cribbage rules; three, in three-player cribbage and Captain's cribbage, or four, in four-player cribbage.

Number of cards

The number of cards in a cribbage hand can vary from five, in five-Card cribbage, to seven, in seven-card cribbage.

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