kings cribbage

Kings Cribbage

Kings Cribbage

Kings Cribbage is a cribbage board game similar to Scrabble, in which you use tiles to create interlocking cribbage scoring combinations. The players draw to see who goes first, and then choose 5 tiles each. The first player can place a line of tiles on the board anywhere, in any direction, as long as they create a cribbage score. The first play must be between 2 and 5 tiles, but all subsequent plays can be 1 to 5 tiles.

Variations on cribbage rules

Cribbage rules have remained largely unchanged since the game first originated in the 17th century, but there are many variations on the standard rules of cribbage and many different forms and variants of the game. Captain's Cribbage is perhaps the best known, and most widely played.

Cribbage rules

Standard cribbage rules

Variations on cribbage scoring

Cribbage scoring can count against you instead of for you, as in Lowball cribbage.

Number of players

The number of players can include one, for solitaire cribbage, two, as in the normal cribbage rules; three, in three-player cribbage and Captain's cribbage, or four, in four-player cribbage.

Number of cards

The number of cards in a cribbage hand can vary from five, in five-Card cribbage, to seven, in seven-card cribbage.

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