Cribbage Plus!

Developer Gus Lindquist has just released a new version of his excellent Cribbage Plus! game for Mac OS X.

You can download Cribbage Plus! for free, but registering the game (priced at $12) unlocks extra features, including more skilful opponents. This is a nice looking cribbage game, with a beautifully-drawn cribbage board, and some unusual twists which lift it above the average computer cribbage game.

Optional rules

Instead of scoring points for 15s, you can opt for other numbers - or even make it a random number for each hand. You can also change the 31 score to any number you like. You can swap cards with your opponent if you wish, and even peg points in the play for flushes!

You don't have to use these options of course; out of the box, Cribbage Plus! plays standard cribbage, but it's nice to see such original features in a cribbage game.


Unregistered users play against Novice Nelly, not the strongest of cribbage players, but a good challenge for beginners. Once you've registered, you can select from The Professor (an expert level player), or even God (what's that? God plays cribbage? Of course He does!)


Another original feature of Cribbage Plus! is the achievements system; every time you complete one of the goals such as 'Score a 24 hand', or 'Defeat the Professor 6 times in a row', you unlock new tablecloth designs to play with instead of the traditional green baize. Some of these are extremely difficult ('Score a 28+ hand') but will keep you playing, possibly for years to come.

Cribbage Plus! is a quirky, fun game with a good sense of humour, and an excellent way for beginners to learn cribbage, and experts to sharpen up their skills. Recommended.

Free cribbage game downloads

Free cribbage games

Free cribbage games to download are a great way to learn and practice cribbage on your PC. If you need a refresher of the rules of cribbage, or need some hints on strategy, have a browse around the site (don't forget there are hundreds of questions answered in our forum.)

Whether Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, there are some excellent shareware and freeware cribbage games to download. Here are some we recommend that will soon have you playing cribbage for free:

Quick Cribbage for Windows

Wes Steiner's Quick Cribbage lets you challenge your computer to a one-on-one game of cribbage:

  • Designed to help you practice and hone your cribbage skills when a partner isn't available.
  • Teaches you how to count by displaying the points during play and at the end of each hand.
  • Keeps score for you on a life-like crib board display.

Cribbage games for Mac OS X

Free cribbage for Mac? OS X users and Mac lovers do not have to feel left out looking for cribbage games to download.

Hoyle Card Games 2008

Hoyle Card Games 2008 is 75 card games in one, and is now available for Mac OS X Leopard! You can play Cribbage and other classic games on your Mac including Bridge, Hearts and Texas Hold'em against your computer or your friends and family. Click here to buy Hoyle Card Games 2008 for Mac from

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