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Your 29 hand stories

Readers' stories of the 29 cribbage hands they've received.

Eric Wineburg

Eric writes:

It has been some time since the 29 point hand that I had, maybe 20 or 25 years ago but you really never forget it when it happens. The one thing that was unique about mine is that it was in the crib! My friend John always had the theory of keeping the most possible points. In his case I dealt him one of the eight and seven card double run combinations and a five and a Jack. So he tossed the five and the Jack into my crib. I would have probably done the same because it is a sweet hand to have and your odds are really good for a great hand.

Myself since it was my crib, I tried to work the hand for the most points but to give myself some possibilities in the crib. Don’t really remember what I had but what did have was two fives and no ten cards to match on, so I dished the fives into my crib.

John had the feeling that I had the 29er when he had cut and the five came up and he knew that he threw the same suit Jack. He then saw me perk up! The anticipation was great waiting until the hand was over to flip over the crib!

The 29 hand in cribbage

29: the perfect cribbage hand

The highest possible hand at Cribbage is 29 points (shown above). It comprises all four 5s and the Jack of nobs. It is extremely rare to score a 29 hand in cribbage. In tournament play there is usually a special award for a 29 hand, whether it be cash or merely glory.

How to score the 29 hand

Your 29 hand stories

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