Completely Custom Cribbage Boards

I have created a short one page survey about a potential business opportunity concerning custom-made cribbage boards. I would mean a lot to me if you would take the time to fill out this very brief survey. The link to the survey is:

Feel free to leave comments on the survey or on this page. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you want to hear more about it.


Peter Francis

Five player cribbage board

Chuck Robinove emailed us with news of a five-player cribbage board which he has designed and made (see picture).

Chuck writes:

There are routed cavities on the side for the pegs and cards; they are covered by a pivoting brass strip. The advantage of the 5-player board is that it can be used for 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 players. The 5 player rules are very simple. Each player is dealt five cards. The dealer buries his single card discard at the bottom of the deck; each player discards one card to the dealer's crib, and the cut and play continues in the usual manner.

Chuck adds that he is working on improving this board, and also designing a new circular board and another in the shape of an Archimedes spiral. We look forward to seeing them!

See also Cribbage variants and Five Player Cribbage.

Looking for Ron Cyr "Cyrcle" cribbage board

Reader Darren is looking for a cribbage board made by Ron Cyr called a "Cyrcle cribbage board". These seem to be quite rare and collectable, so if anyone owns or knows of such a board, please get in touch!

Solid glass cribbage board?

I'm looking for a solid glass cribbage board, can anyone help?

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Corners in cribbage

Corners in cribbage is a term which derives from the layout of the cribbage board. A traditional board is laid out in two rows of 30 holes for each players, and the winner is the first to 121 points - or twice around the board.

Consequently, when you reach the end of a row and start pegging up the next row, you have turned the "corner". Sometimes wagers or bonuses are placed on corners, won by the first player to reach that corner, although there is no additional score for corners in the standard cribbage rules. Some boards have extra markers for corners scored by each player.

The rows in between the corners are often called "streets", so a player with between 1 and 30 points is said to be "on First Street", and the home straight between 91 and 120 points is known as "Fourth Street'. The streets and corners are especially important in understanding positional strategy in cribbage.

(Thanks to Sam Van Wyck for this info.)

500 Cribbage

What is Five Hundred Cribbage?

I am indebted to Mr Herb Barge who sent me scans of a book written by a distant relative of his in the 30s, Thomas B. Stauff. This book, entitled "Rules of Play governing '500' Cribbage, Thomas system, a Modern Version of Cribbage", appears to be a fairly radical re-working of the game.

"corners" on the cribbage board

We recently had a board given to us that has all the "bells and whistles", in cluding spots to mark high hand, skunks and corners. What exactly is corners?
I thought it might simply be the first to reach the corner but that seemed just too simple. Does anyone know what this is? I have searched through many different versions of the rules and have found nothing mentioning this.

Cribbage rules - the basics

The cards and cribbage board

Cribbage is played with an ordinary 52-card deck with the jokers removed. The cribbage boards used to keep score are traditionally made of wood, with 30, 60 or 120 holes per player.

The deal

The rules require that the game starts with a cut. The player cutting the lower card is the dealer. He should shuffle the pack and offer it to his opponent (the non-dealer is known as pone) for a further cut. Although the official rules of cribbage dictate that the dealer must offer the cut or take a two-point penalty, in friendly games this is usually not insisted upon and you are free to cut or not as you wish (see more about ). The dealer then deals six cards to each player.

The deal alternates with each hand. Over several games, the first deal may alternate between the players, or it may go to the loser of the previous game. One common convention in a 3-game match is to alternate the first deal of the first 2 games, then cut for the last. This is not part of the official rules, however.

The game then proceeds to the discard

Continue to Cribbage rules - the discard.

Century cribbage board

Linda sent us this question by email:

Hi, for the life of me I can not find any info on this. We have a, "Century continuous track cribbage" (121 holes)board by ARE JAY GAME CO. INC., Cleveland Ohio Made in USA.

In the center (the infield) are holes for scoring:
GAMES WON (which is simple enough) Goes up to 9 each for R W & B
LEGS (Not sure how or why to use these) Also has 9 holes for R W & B
SKUNKS (Who pegs here? The player skunked or the player who skunks you?) Also has nine holes etc.
TOTAL POINTS HOLES 1-10, then 20,40,60 etc up to 100 & then 200,300 etc up to 900 for R W & B
(What points do we put here and why? Is there a total we are heading to or is that arbitrary?)
It also says that it is a "2 3 4 6 player board"
So how do you determine the winner using all the above holes? I have no clue on any of this and have researched till I can't see straight. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. This seems to be the only board with all these extras and we just don't know the right way to use them or why. Please help?

Does anyone have one of these boards who can help out Linda with some information?

Free cribbage board templates

Printable cribbage board template

Cribbage board templates and plans are essential if you want to learn how to make your own unique cribbage boards. All you need to do is print out one of the free cribbage board templates on this page (for example click on the image on the right and print it from your browser.)

Cribbage has been played for hundreds of years. The rules of cribbage are simple, but there's much scope for strategy, which means skill and experience will prevail in the long run. If you're curious about any aspect of cribbage, such as muggins, the go, nobs or the stinkhole, we've got the answers (start here for the complete guide to cribbage).

A cribbage board layout typically looks like this, though you can design one yourself if you wish - any layout will work so long as there are 60 or 120 holes for each player! Finding a cribbage board online is probably the best way to get started - try the design on this page or use one of the links below.

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