eCribbage launches league play

Our friends over at have just added a team play feature to this excellent online cribbage site (screenshots and details on our Online Cribbage page).

What is league play all about?

  • To create a team, build team camaraderie and have a blast playing other teams while getting to know people
  • A league match will consist of everyone on team A playing everyone on team B as well as partners matches
  • Try to top the charts and be the best Cribbage and Kings Cribbage teams
  • Have fun, win as a team and lose as a team

See more details on the eCribbage blog and go to to play! experience?

Has anyone here played cribbage online at ?

It's a lot of fun, but I'm having a hard time getting my rating up - does anyone have any tips?


Free cribbage

Free cribbage downloads and sites where you can play online are easy to find, thanks to our exclusive guide!

Free cribbage online is one of our favourite free online cribbage sites - all you need is a Web browser!

Yahoo! Cribbage is another long-running free cribbage site - again just go to the site, register and play!

See also our online cribbage page for more links and details.

Free cribbage downloads

You can download free cribbage games for your Windows, Mac or Linux computer, iPhone or other handheld smartphone or PDA.

See the following pages for more details:

Kings Cribbage

Kings Cribbage

Kings Cribbage is a cribbage board game similar to Scrabble, in which you use tiles to create interlocking cribbage scoring combinations. The players draw to see who goes first, and then choose 5 tiles each. The first player can place a line of tiles on the board anywhere, in any direction, as long as they create a cribbage score. The first play must be between 2 and 5 tiles, but all subsequent plays can be 1 to 5 tiles.

Cribbage web sites

We asked Kevin, Cribbage Corner's resident 15-year-old Internet guru, to recommend some of his favourite cribbage sites. Kevin?

Yo yo what's up? Check these sites, dogg. They be illin'!

(We often don't understand everything Kevin says. -Ed.)

Cribbage board

Cribbage boards have been used for hundreds of years, and the traditional design of the board probably predates the game itself. Similar boards have been used to score whist and other card games since before the origins of cribbage in the 1630s. A game scoring board with rows of holes which looks very like a modern cribbage board has even been found in the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. Nowadays, antique cribbage boards can be valuable collector's items.

If you want to find out more about cribbage, we'll show you the rules, teach you the strategy you need to win, and even tell you how to organise your own tournaments. There are hundreds of questions being asked and answered on the Cribbage Corner Forum if there's anything that you want to ask about, or just settle an argument!

Cribbage online - free!

Want to play cribbage on line free? Start here with our guide to free online cribbage.

Several sites allow you to play cribbage online. For me the main difference between these free on line cribbage games is the number and the quality of opponents they offer; some also require extra client software or drivers to be installed before you can play. If you are new to cribbage, see our guide to cribbage rules and strategy to get the hang of the basics, and try some cribbage games to download for Windows to practice on your PC first. You can also find an online crib board if you just want to keep score in a friendly game!

Free online Cribbage against computer

Online cribbage against computer players is a great way to practice your skills.

Quick Cribbage

Wesley Steiner's Quick Cribbage is an online cribbage game you can play in your browser.

Free cribbage online

Free cribbage online is a Java game that lets you play Cribbage against the computer online - free! Although the interface is simple, it plays a reasonable game, and is probably the quickest way to get playing Cribbage online.

One interesting feature is that you can choose whether to peg your scores manually on the Cribbage board, or have the computer do it for automatically (auto-pegging). is the most attractive and well-designed of the online Cribbage games available; you need to download a Java application to play it, create a free account, and then you can play either traditional cribbage or Kings Cribbage against all comers. The interface looks great, and features lots of sounds, speech and animation. You can also join online cribbage leagues and play as part of a team.

The site features rankings and statistics, so you can keep track of your progress, and also hosts tournaments. If you are new to Kings Cribbage there is an interactive tutorial mode, and you can also save games in progress and come back to them later. Developer Damien Blond is planning to add lots more features in the near future, including additional cribbage variants such as Captain's Cribbage, lowball cribbage, and optional rules such as Muggins.

There is a cheerful mediaeval theme throughout, with attractive graphics and the chance to progress in rank from a lowly 'Serf' to 'Servant', 'Commoner' and even 'Knight' if you play well. You can communicate with your fellow peasants and nobles via a built-in chat window in the game, and a general chat in the Lounge area where you can watch other games in progress, or find players of the right level for you.

If you prefer Kings Cribbage to the old-fashioned game, you can play that too, on a nicely animated board with the same attention to detail of graphics and sound as in the traditional cribbage game. looks much better and is easier to use than the other online sites such as Yahoo! Games or Pogo. The only drawback is that, as a new site, there are fewer players online than at the well-established sites. However, you won't find a shortage of opponents, and the smaller user base makes for a friendly atmosphere. The Java client works on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. Recommended.

Yahoo! free cribbage

Yahoo! Cribbage (now no longer available) required only a Java-capable browser and was extremely popular, offering you a wide choice of opponents. There was a rating system and a separate ladder system, and a number of different cribbage rooms, and you could also kibitz on other games if you hadn't the mental energy to play.

Pogo Cribbage

Online Cribbage at - a free and attractive looking online cribbage game, which just requires registration to play. Cribbage rooms for beginners, intermediates and expert players are available.

Other online cribbage sites

Other free online cribbage games

If you know about some other free online cribbage games, do tell us!

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Cribbage rules

Simple cribbage rules

The rules of cribbage are simple - it's one of the easiest card games to learn and certainly one of the most satisfying. Once you've read through our simple rules for cribbage, you'll be playing in no time!

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