Cribbage games for Windows

Looking for cribbage games for Windows? We get a lot of requests here at Cribbage Corner from folks who love cribbage, but haven't convinced their friends to play yet, or just want to practice by playing cribbage on their computer. So what are the best cribbage games for your PC? We look at some of the top commercial software, and free cribbage game downloads from the Web.

Cribbage Quest

Cribbage Quest

Cribbage Quest is a fun graphical cribbage game for Windows PCs which lets you either play standard cribbage against the computer, or take part in a special interactive Adventure mode where you join a cast of colourful British characters on a quest for the golden peg! Ideal for kids.

Cribbage Quest is great for getting the whole family involved in playing cribbage, and although it's not exactly for the serious student of the game, it is a good way for beginners to learn cribbage. Cribbage teaches kids basic arithmetic and introduces the idea of combinations (how many different ways there are to pick two cards from three, for example). It is also very easy to learn and will provide you with a fun hobby for life.

Cribbage for Linux

Linux Cribbage

Linux cribbage - we review the best free and shareware cribbage games for Linux.

Cribbage games for Mac OS X

Free cribbage for Mac? OS X users and Mac lovers do not have to feel left out looking for cribbage games to download.

Hoyle Card Games 2008

Hoyle Card Games 2008 is 75 card games in one, and is now available for Mac OS X Leopard! You can play Cribbage and other classic games on your Mac including Bridge, Hearts and Texas Hold'em against your computer or your friends and family. Click here to buy Hoyle Card Games 2008 for Mac from

Cribbage games for Windows Mobile, Palm and mobile phones

Want to play cribbage on your mobile phone or Windows Mobile / Pocket PC / Palm / Android / Blackberry PDA or iPhone? Here is our complete guide to free cribbage games to download for your mobile or PDA.

Cribbage rules

Simple cribbage rules

The rules of cribbage are simple - it's one of the easiest card games to learn and certainly one of the most satisfying. Once you've read through our simple rules for cribbage, you'll be playing in no time!

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