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Could someone please settle a dispute over scoring this hand?

9 - 4 - 5 - 6 - Starter - 10 (mixed suits, no Flush)


Three and four-handed cribbage

I have a few questions about three and four-handed cribbage.

How is scoring done when playing a match? Simply the winner gets one point and then new game starts? What if one player is skunked? Or do the remaining players continue playing?

In four-handed version, what is more common - 2 teams or 4 individuals? There aren't as many 4-way cribbage boards available for sale...


Board & pegs?

Got a cribbage set for Xmas. The rules sheet that came with it is gibberish. I've looked at numberous sites with cribbage rules and nobody explains how to use the pegs on the board. I get that it's to keep score, but how? At what point do you start placing pegs on the board? Why does each player get more than one peg? How many points is a peg worth? What has to happen with the cards to allow movement on the board? Nobody explains any of this, without which cribbage is just another card game. Can someone here please explain it to me?

Double 4-card run

Seems like double runs come in two flavors: a double run of 3 (e.g. 3-4-4-5 with any cut) or a double run of 4 (e.g. T-J-Q-Q with K cut).

I see two ways to score such a double 4-card run: as multiple 3-card runs, or multiple 4-card runs.

Example using the above TJQQK: either four 3-card runs (TJQ twice = 6 and JQK twice = 6) makes 12, and a pair is 14 total. Or, two 4-card runs for 8 (TJQK twice = 8), and a pair is only 10 total.

Wha? Which one is correct, and why? I'm just guessing I'm required to score this the second way. But I don't see why it should be one way or the other.

scoring runs during play?

I am so confused about scoring a double run while pegging. Suppose the play goes 3-2-A. At that point the player playing the ace scores 3. If his opponent plays another Ace, does he score 4 for a run of 4 plus 2 for the pair?

What if the play goes this way 3-3-2-A. Does the player of the Ace count 3 or 4? What if tne next play is another A? What does that player count?

Can someone state the rule about scoring runs & pairs during play clearly enough that even an idiot like me can get it?

Cribbage rules - the scoring

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Having played out all the cards, both players then score their hands, pone first - this time including the turn-up card as part of both hands. The dealer's crib also includes the turn-up. Again, points are scored for 15s, runs, and pairs; you can also score for a flush (all cards of the same suit) - see the cribbage scoring chart below for a handy reference. It is a key part of the rules of cribbage that the non-dealer should score first - at the end of the game, both players may have enough points to win, and the right to score first will determine victory. The cribbage board's positions usually alternate during the game, with first one player leading, then the other. The trick is to be in the first-scoring position when you are close enough to win!

Cribbage flush

If the four cards in your hand are of the same suit, you score four for a flush (a cribbage flush, unlike in poker, doesn't beat three of a kind!). If the starter card is also of the same suit, you score five. However, in the crib you cannot score a four-card flush; all five must be the same suit. These rules occasionally have local variations, so check to make sure which rules are being used. In an official tournament, the American Cribbage Congress rules apply.

Some cribbage rules sites explicitly state that flushes are not scored in cribbage. This is incorrect, at least according to the American Cribbage Congress rules, which are the nearest thing to an official set of rules for cribbage.

Cribbage pairs

2 points are scored for a pair in cribbage, and 6 for a pair royal - that is, three cards of the same rank. This can be considered as 3 different pairs worth 2 points each. Similarly, double pair royal (four of a kind) scores 12 as there are 6 ways of picking two cards from four. You begin to see why mathematicians love this game.

Combinations of cards making 15 score two points each - for example, 8 and 7. As many ways as you can make 15 with your cards, you score 2 points for each of them. For example, 8-7-7-A can make 15 three ways: the 8 and one 7, the 8 and the other 7, and the 7-7-A. Consequently it scores 6 points (for 15s, and a further 2 for the pair of 7s).

Cribbage runs

Runs score as many points as there are cards in them. For example, a four-card run 9-T-J-Q scores 4.

Cribbage nobs

You also score 1 point if you have the Jack of the same suit as the starter card (known as 'his nob' or just 'nobs').

Cribbage scoring chart

You can print out this cribbage scoring chart and keep it handy when you're playing!

Score Value Comment
15 2 -
Pair 2 -
Pair royal 6 Three of a kind
Double pair royal 12 Four of a kind
Run 1 per card Runs need not be in numerical order (eg 3-5-6-4) but they must be consecutive (3-4-4-5 does not score).
Go 1 The go is scored by the last player to lay a card.
31 2 The 2 points for 31 includes a go (by definition no-one can go when the total is 31). So no extra point is scored for the go.
Nobs 1 "One for his nob" is scored if you hold the Jack of the turn-up suit.

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