Jack in crib

Jack in hand, the same suit as starter, scores one point ("His Nobs"). Does a Jack in the crib, the same suit as starter, score for "his nobs" or not? Here's why the question comes up:

In a rule book of card games it says, "His Nobs: For a Jack in hand, of the same suit as starter, score 1."

Question is, "in hand" seems to mean cards one is holding, in one's hand. If the Jack (of the same suit as starter) is in one's crib, that is not technically held in one's hand as it is not used during play, but only counted at the end of play. So, does the Jack in the crib also score as "His Nobs" (if that card is of the same suit as the starter)?

I have also searched various websites and there is no clarity on this one, particular point (which could be a point of contention, depending on who your opponent is)! Thanks.


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Counting Cards - new Player

I am new to cribbage. I am playing a cribbage game on my iTouch. I had a 6H, 3H, 6C, 3C in my hand and the turn card was a QC. I thought I had 12 points but the game told me I only had 6 points. Am I wrong?

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