Selling my very rare 110 yr old (pre ban) Ivory cribbage board

I don't play cribbage anymore and feel it is time to part with this very rare crib board.

It's 10 inches long and about 3 inches wide and believed to have been made in South Africa around the the Boer war period the original owner served in.
It's not ornate but tastefully carved and has a lovely patina consistent with it's age.
The squarer cut end has very fine organic crosshatching called schreger lines, which are unique to mammoth and elephant ivory and too complex to replicate or fake.

Inquiries and/or picture requests can be sent to
Because the board is Ivory, it can only be shipped within continental USA.

Mammoth ivory crib board

I sold this crib board several years ago, so it is no longer available for sale.
Thank you for your interest.