scoring question

I had 77756 and wanted 22 points. I was given only 15. was I right
or the score keeper?

You were wrong

There are no 15 combinations in that hand. 7,7,7,5,6 is worth 15 points only.

Fifteen is right. You have 3 of a kind for six, then you have three runs of three (5,6,7) for nine.

I would have said 22 as

I would have said 22 as well... 15?


Three runs of 3 equals 9 and a three-of-a-kind is only equal to 6 That is a triple run. A triple run is only worth 15 unless it contains combinations of 15, which this hand does not. Now IF the hand had been 6,6,6,5,4 then that would have been a 21 hand because of the three combos of 15. Hope that helps.

15 point hand and why

I don't understand how you can get 22... If there is please show me. Royal pair is 6pts (3 combinations of pairs) then you count your runs 5 6 7 (3pts) 5 6 7 (3pts) 5 6 7 (3pts) add them all up and you've got 15. There are no 15s (to make 15 with a 7 you need 8) (to make 15 with 6 you need 9) (to make 15 with 5 you need 10) there is no way to make 8, 9, or 10 with the cards in your hand. Also there is no flush because there are 3 7s no knobs because you don't have a jack and I think I covered all the ways to score.

It is not 22

You cannot get 22 as you correctly stated.

cribbage question

I had 6-6-8-8 in my hand and turned a 7. I said it would be two double runs worth 16 plus 2 15s with the 7 and the 8-8 for a score of 20. Was I right?

Scoring points

I had a hand with four fives in it and the turned up card (starter card) was a ten.... How much is it worth? I added it up to 28 points. By the way I had the same hand twice in the last 2 months!