scoring question

I had 77756 and wanted 22 points. I was given only 15. was I right
or the score keeper?

You were wrong

There are no 15 combinations in that hand. 7,7,7,5,6 is worth 15 points only.

Fifteen is right. You have 3 of a kind for six, then you have three runs of three (5,6,7) for nine.

I would have said 22 as

I would have said 22 as well... 15?


Three runs of 3 equals 9 and a three-of-a-kind is only equal to 6 That is a triple run. A triple run is only worth 15 unless it contains combinations of 15, which this hand does not. Now IF the hand had been 6,6,6,5,4 then that would have been a 21 hand because of the three combos of 15. Hope that helps.

15 point hand and why

I don't understand how you can get 22... If there is please show me. Royal pair is 6pts (3 combinations of pairs) then you count your runs 5 6 7 (3pts) 5 6 7 (3pts) 5 6 7 (3pts) add them all up and you've got 15. There are no 15s (to make 15 with a 7 you need 8) (to make 15 with 6 you need 9) (to make 15 with 5 you need 10) there is no way to make 8, 9, or 10 with the cards in your hand. Also there is no flush because there are 3 7s no knobs because you don't have a jack and I think I covered all the ways to score.

It is not 22

You cannot get 22 as you correctly stated.

cribbage question

I had 6-6-8-8 in my hand and turned a 7. I said it would be two double runs worth 16 plus 2 15s with the 7 and the 8-8 for a score of 20. Was I right?

Yes you were right. Count

Yes you were right. Count your 15's (4 puts), count your pairs (4pts) then count your runs (12 Pts). 20 pts. Easy

Yes you were

Yes you were

Scoring points

I had a hand with four fives in it and the turned up card (starter card) was a ten.... How much is it worth? I added it up to 28 points. By the way I had the same hand twice in the last 2 months!


Nice hands. At least you counted them correctly.

Well done. Yes it is 28. The

Well done. Yes it is 28. The J-5 combinations make 8 pts. The 5-5-5 combination for 15 (there are 4 of them) makes 8. And the pairs is 12 pts. 28 in total.
The max score you can get is 29 when you have a similar hand except you have a Jack in your hand and a 5 is turned up (starter card), and the suits of the jack and starter card match and you get the extra point for his nobs.
In over 40 years play I have never had a 29 or a 28 so well done to you

Lucky you. You counted it

Lucky you. You counted it correctly

Lucky you. You counted it

Lucky you. You counted it correctly

explain the count of hand 5,5,J,J and N

explain the count of hand 5,5,J,J and N
Is the UP card also a Jack?


Not sure what you are asking about Peter. There is nothing in this thread about the hand you described.