Scoring a hand

My husband I have recently started playing scribbage. We are questioning when you intermingle cards for multiple counts.
In the show, how would you score a hand of 555Q & the up card is a 3? And a hand that is 778A & the up card an A.
Thank you for your help
Shelley & Mark

3555Q scores 15-8 and 3 pairs

3555Q scores 15-8 and 3 pairs for 14 points; there are 4 ways to make 15: Q5 (for each of the three 5's) and 555, and 3 ways to make a pair (three ways to pick two of three 5s)

778AA is 15-8 and 2 pairs for 12 points. You can make 15s by 78 twice (two different sevens) and 77A twice (two different aces). Then you add 4 more points for the 77 and AA.

Hope this helps.