Scoring Double Double Run on the Count

My wife and I were playing cribbage and we were on the count. She played a 7, I played a 7. She then played a 6, I played a 6. The count was at 26. She then played a 5. We counted it as 16 points for a double double run, and 2 points for 31. Were we correct to score it 18 total points?

not quite

You don't count compound runs in the play. The order of cards would be 7 7 6 6 5 so there is no run but she would get to keep the 31 for 2. By the way 26 is a dangerous total in the play. Pones tend to have 5s in their hands.

There is no double run in the

There is no double run in the count. When counting your hand you are allowed to swap in for the double run in the count it is as the cards are played.