Scoring 15

How do you score starter 6 and 2 eights and 2 aces for 15s.
Is there a site where you can enter your cards and get a score?

8 for 15s, 4 for pairs.


So you would count

8,A,6 for 2 (first 8, first Ace)
8,A,6 for 4 (first 8, second Ace)
8,A,6 for 6 (second 8, first Ace)
8,A,6 for 8 (second 8, second Ace)
and two pairs for 12.

I've looked for an online cribbage calculator for you, but all the results were BS robo-matches to get me to the stupid shareware sites, without a single real, actual cribbage calculator.

So, sorry, you're just going to have to learn to count better. It will make you a better player,anyway.

Scoring calculator


Did you make this and if so could you reconfigure it to work for a 7 card hand? If not could you direct me to who did? Thank you. Sincerely Cory.K