Reset runs and pairs after GO during counting

How do you handle runs and pairs during play after go is called? For example, play is 10, Q, K, pegs 3 for the run, opponent calls "go". Person calling "go" then leads with a 9. Does this peg 4 for a run, or does the run reset after go?

Similar, play is 10, Q, K (peg 3), opponent calls "go". Player calling "go" then plays a K - is this a peg for 2 or does the play after "go" reset ability to do a pair?


I hope there was no scoring of a 10,Q,K for 3 pts, as that is NOT a run, Only a J,Q,K is. In answer to your question, all runs, pairs etc are reset once someone takes the "Go" point or reaches 31. Everything starts all over.