What do you discard to the crib if your dealt 333456?


Every player you ask might discard this hand differently. It depends on your board position, and whether it is your crib. Most people would probably discard 3/6 and keep 10 points in their hand.


I would throw 3-6 in my opponent's crib, keeping 3-3-4-5 for 10 points.

If I'm the dealer, I will usually do the same, but depending on the situation, I might...

Keep 3-4-5-6 for 7 points + 2 in my crib, giving me more pegging options in a tight endgame situation.

If I'm behind by a big margin, I will keep 3-3-3-6 with 4-5 in my crib, and get on my knees... the miracle might come in the form of a 6 starter card, which would turn my hand into a 14-count, and 5 in the crib plus whatever opponent is putting into it.

And this is an opponent who is likely not to hold a 5, and thus likely to find their face cards worthless...

Correction, 3-3-3-6 and a 6

Correction, 3-3-3-6 and a 6 being cut would result in an 18-points hand!