Please score this for me

Add this up for me please 3 3 3 4 9


I have 3 6's and one 3 How does that score?

Three different ways of

Three different ways of making 6+6+3=15, that's 6 points
Three different pairs of sixes (pairs royal), that's another 6 points. Total 12.

Three 6s and a 3 ???

Two 6s + the 3 = 15 for 2
Two other 6s + the 3 = 15 for 2
The last two 6s + the 3 = 15 for 2

Three 6s is three pair of 6s for 2 pts each.

Total 12 pts.

There are three different

There are three different ways to score fifteen (9+3+3) - that's 6 points.

And there are three different pairs of 3's - that's Pairs Royal, another 6 points.

Total = 12 points.

Hand points

I have 3 aces a jack and a 3 how many points possible, no nob

3 aces, a jack and a 3...

3 + two aces, 3 + two other aces, 3 + the last two aces all constitute 5s. Each going with the jack makes 15 for 2 three times for 6 pts.

The 3 aces make 3 separate pair of aces for 6 pts for a total of 12 pts.


3+3+9 = 15 for 2
3+3+9 = 15 for 4
3+3+9 = 15 for 6

and a triple(3+3+3) for 6

Total would be 12

Crib Total

If I have a hand of 7-7-7-8 and an Ace comes up is that 18 or 24

8,7,7,7 + ace (up card)

8 + three 7s is 15 for 6
Three pair of 7s plus the ace with each one is 15 for 6
The pair of 7s is 2 pts each for 6

Total 18.

Where might the 24 come from? Did I miss something?

What constiTues a run someone

What constiTues a run someone plays a 5 next person plays 3 next person plays 6 next person a 4 does this count as a run

Flush argument between my wife and I.

Is it a flush if you have let's say 3 diamonds and a club in your hand. The starter card is also a diamond. Does that count as a flush? This isn't the crib.

Flush me...

In your hand you must be holding 4 of the same suit for a 4 card flush. Five if the up card too. In the crib is must be all five for the flush.

Not a flush. Must all 4 be

Not a flush. Must all 4 be in your hand. The crib must be all 5 cards to be worth anything.


the 4 does not help you.

Three different pair of 3s + the 9 = three 15s for 6.
The three different pair of 3 equal 6 in pairs.

Total 12.


3333 6 how do you score this hand

3333 6

Score 20 points. 4 ways to make 15 + 12 for the quads.

6+3+3+3 = 15, this can be

6+3+3+3 = 15, this can be done four different ways so 8 point here.

Double Pairs Royal (four of a kind) is 6 distinct pairs, another 12 points.

Total 20.

End of a turn


4 player game, players 1 & 3 have played out their cards. Player 2 plays last card ( a 5), player 4 plays a 5 - 10 for 2, then play their last card, also a 5, 15 for 2 plus 6 for the 3 x 5s, do you also get a point for it being the last card? We were told no as the last card was played on a scoring number (15), they stated its the same as finishing on 31?

Hope that makes sense!!


You would get a go at the conclusion of the last card played. This is always a "go" as there are no other cards that can be played taking the score closer to 31. Just so you know 31 includes both a "go" and a bonus. That is why you don't get last card when hitting a 31 exactly. The "go" is already inside of a 31. Scoring to 15 does not have this and you should have taken a "go". It doesn't matter if it is played in a scoring sequence or not. Take your point. You earned it.

Yes, there is also a point

Yes, there is also a point for last card.


A sequence of 4-6-3-5 Is played. Does the playing of 5 count for a run of 4?

Yes it does. The cards that

Yes it does. The cards that make the run don't have to be in order.


Yes, it is an unbroken run score 4 points.


4-6-3-5 count for 4


Claude are you asking if this is a run for four points? That would be correct.

Three 4's and a 7. Please

Three 4's and a 7. Please score for me

That's only four cards, so

That's only four cards, so I'll assume the fifth one is worthless...

4+4+7=15 three different ways, so that's 6 points.

Three distinct pairs of 4's = another 6 points.

Total = 12.


12 points

score a hand

during play, we had a run that went 3,3,3,A,A,A,2
How do you score it for each player?

3 = 3 3 = 6 for 2 (pair) 3 =

3 = 3
3 = 6 for 2 (pair)
3 = 9 for 6 (three of a kind)
A = 10
A = 11 for 2 (pair)
A = 12 for 6 (three of a kind)
2 = 14


First off we are missing a card. Since you only described 7 of them and there should have been 8. I am also assuming that you are asking about pegging and there are NO runs, so lets call P1 and P2 and see what they end up with.

p1 3 zero
p2 3 for 2
p1 3 for 6
p2 A for zero
p1 A for 2
P2 A for 6
P1 2 for zero
P2 ?

Looks like they both scored 8 points. Hope that helped!

Scoring runs

Hand was 2-2-3-4 and the up card was a 2. We scored he hand 24.
Is this correct?


This is a triple run with no 15's. Triple runs are always 15 without fifteens. 3 runs of 3 (9) plus trips (6). Always equals 15 unless fifteens are counted.

Score 2-2-2-3-4

There are no 15s. So:
A run of 2-3-4=3
A 2nd run of 2-3-4=3
A 3rd run of 2-3-3=3
3 of a kind (2s)= 6
Score 15

2+2+3+4+2 = 13, so no points

2+2+3+4+2 = 13, so no points for fifteens are scored.

You have three runs of 3, that's 3x3=9.
Your three of a kind is three distinct pairs, for 3x2=6.

Total 15 points.


2,2,4,4 9



Correct Kimbereley

Yes! Four different ways of

Yes! Four different ways of making 9+4+2=15, and the two pairs.

i have 3 8's and 2 7's. score

i have 3 8's and 2 7's. score this for me please


3 eights and 2 sevens (or the other way around) is 20. (fifteen for 12, pair for 14 and trips for 20)

You have six different ways

You have six different ways to make 15-2 (any of the three 8's with any of the two 7's).

So that's 2x6 = 12 for fifteens.

You also get 6 for the three 8's (Pairs Royal) and 2 for the pair of 7's.

Total = 12+6+2 = 20 points.

20 points

15s - 2,4,6 8,10,12
pair is 14
3 of a kind for 6 = 20

Your score is 20. 15's x 6pts

Your score is 20.

15's x 6pts = 12pts

3 pairs of 8's = 6pts

1 pair of 7's = 2pts

Peg point question

How do you score the peg points for this hand - at 29, player 1 lays an ace, player 2 plays an ace and then it’s a go at 30 and player 2 pegs 2 points (pair). Player 2 places another ace for 31. Does he then get to peg another 8 points, 6 for the 3 aces plus 2 for 31? Or is it just another 6 points (4 for the additional 2 aces plus 2 for the 31)? Thanks.


Please peg the points that you achieve in unbroken sequences. In the situation you describe, you would peg first two points for the pair, and then 6 additional points for the trips, and then 2 more for hitting 31 exactly. The best score you can make in this scenario is actually a lot more than that. Imagine of you were holding 7, A, A, A. The non-dealer is holding all face cards and another Ace. They lead a face card, you play a 7 for seventeen, they play another face card, you play an ace to 28, they play and ace to 29 for two, you play the next two aces, first one for 6 next one for 14. You just pegged 20 points and they pegged 3 (the pair and the last card of their remaining cards)

Player 2 pegs another 8

Player 2 pegs another 8 points. You peg points every time a new card is played. Let's look at the sequence...

p1: ace, count=29
p2: ace for 2, count=30
p1: Go
p2: ace for 6 (three of a kind) + 2 for 31


How many 15's here ?

Lets add

4, 4, 4, 3 seems to add to fifteen. Since you cannot use the exact same cards again in cribbage to make another sequence, you have one 15.

Just one. It takes all four

Just one. It takes all four cards to add up to 15, so there is obviously only one way to do it.

But what is the starter card?

Please score this for me

Thank you