Please score this for me

Add this up for me please 3 3 3 4 9


I have 3 6's and one 3 How does that score?

Three different ways of

Three different ways of making 6+6+3=15, that's 6 points
Three different pairs of sixes (pairs royal), that's another 6 points. Total 12.

Three 6s and a 3 ???

Two 6s + the 3 = 15 for 2
Two other 6s + the 3 = 15 for 2
The last two 6s + the 3 = 15 for 2

Three 6s is three pair of 6s for 2 pts each.

Total 12 pts.

There are three different

There are three different ways to score fifteen (9+3+3) - that's 6 points.

And there are three different pairs of 3's - that's Pairs Royal, another 6 points.

Total = 12 points.

Hand points

I have 3 aces a jack and a 3 how many points possible, no nob

3 aces, a jack and a 3...

3 + two aces, 3 + two other aces, 3 + the last two aces all constitute 5s. Each going with the jack makes 15 for 2 three times for 6 pts.

The 3 aces make 3 separate pair of aces for 6 pts for a total of 12 pts.


3+3+9 = 15 for 2
3+3+9 = 15 for 4
3+3+9 = 15 for 6

and a triple(3+3+3) for 6

Total would be 12

Crib Total

If I have a hand of 7-7-7-8 and an Ace comes up is that 18 or 24

8,7,7,7 + ace (up card)

8 + three 7s is 15 for 6
Three pair of 7s plus the ace with each one is 15 for 6
The pair of 7s is 2 pts each for 6

Total 18.

Where might the 24 come from? Did I miss something?

What constiTues a run someone

What constiTues a run someone plays a 5 next person plays 3 next person plays 6 next person a 4 does this count as a run

Flush argument between my wife and I.

Is it a flush if you have let's say 3 diamonds and a club in your hand. The starter card is also a diamond. Does that count as a flush? This isn't the crib.

Flush me...

In your hand you must be holding 4 of the same suit for a 4 card flush. Five if the up card too. In the crib is must be all five for the flush.


the 4 does not help you.

Three different pair of 3s + the 9 = three 15s for 6.
The three different pair of 3 equal 6 in pairs.

Total 12.


3333 6 how do you score this hand

3333 6

Score 20 points. 4 ways to make 15 + 12 for the quads.

6+3+3+3 = 15, this can be

6+3+3+3 = 15, this can be done four different ways so 8 point here.

Double Pairs Royal (four of a kind) is 6 distinct pairs, another 12 points.

Total 20.

End of a turn


4 player game, players 1 & 3 have played out their cards. Player 2 plays last card ( a 5), player 4 plays a 5 - 10 for 2, then play their last card, also a 5, 15 for 2 plus 6 for the 3 x 5s, do you also get a point for it being the last card? We were told no as the last card was played on a scoring number (15), they stated its the same as finishing on 31?

Hope that makes sense!!


You would get a go at the conclusion of the last card played. This is always a "go" as there are no other cards that can be played taking the score closer to 31. Just so you know 31 includes both a "go" and a bonus. That is why you don't get last card when hitting a 31 exactly. The "go" is already inside of a 31. Scoring to 15 does not have this and you should have taken a "go". It doesn't matter if it is played in a scoring sequence or not. Take your point. You earned it.

Yes, there is also a point

Yes, there is also a point for last card.


A sequence of 4-6-3-5 Is played. Does the playing of 5 count for a run of 4?

Three 4's and a 7. Please

Three 4's and a 7. Please score for me

score a hand

during play, we had a run that went 3,3,3,A,A,A,2
How do you score it for each player?