Please count my hand

4443 with 4 turned up

20 Hand

44443 is 20 points. Eight 15s and 12 points for the pairs

score my hand

16 me think
12 double pair royal
2 for 4434
2 for 4434
can't use counted 4's twice in combination
someone correct me if i'm in error

your count is 20

your count is 20


Four 4's for 12; plus
four combinations of 15 (4443) (each one leaving out a different four) for 8
totals 20



20 points

I count 4 unique sets of 4+4+4+3=15, each worth 2 points
and 6 unique sets of 4 & 4, each worth 2 points

20 points total!

2,4,6,3, much does that

2,4,6,3, much does that count? Now add a 6. Is it a run of 5 for first scorer and a double run forsecond player?


You are playing with too many cards. you don't get to count 6 cards. there should be 4 in your hand and then a starter card

Count my Hand please

I had 4 - 4's & a 7 turned up. How many points shall I peg?


Looks like 24 from here. 6 combinations of 15 and quads of 12 for 24.

I got 3333 with a 6 turned up

I got 3333 with a 6 turned up


Did you want to know the score of the hand, or were you just bragging? Here is an easy way to count the four-of-a-kind hands. If it takes three of the 4-of-a-kind cards to make 15 the hand scores 20 (3336). If it only takes two, then it scores 24. (44447) Hope that helps

in a cribbage hand what is

in a cribbage hand what is the score if i have four 4's and a 7

Four of a kind and fifteens

See the answer above.


A friend and I had a dispute over the counting of a hand in cribbage. The hand in question was 2233 and cut card 7. what does this combination add up to?