Playing for money

How do you play cribbage for money?
Some reference penny-a-point, but that seems counterintuitive to me because the winner always wins with the same score.
How is cribbage normally played for money?

Playing for Money

There are numerous variations, and no, the winner does not win with the same score. A penny a point means the differential score. If I beat you by 20 points, then you owe me 20 cents. If you beat me by 2 then I owe you two cents. Many double it if it is a skunk. If you beat me by 33 points, then I owe you 66 cents. You can also play for game $. Say we are going to play best out of five games. We are going to play for $1 and double for a skunk and 4x for a double skunk (very rare). So you can play with points, games, skunks or whatever you want. A normal game is 1/2 or 5, but can be anything.

Betting on Crib

My friend showed me how. It's pretty ruthless though:

$2.00 for the win (first to 121)
1-5 cents a peg (we don't have pennies in Canada anymore, so it would be a nickel)

Then, skunk and double skunk wins get 2X and 3X the money, respectively.

Ex. You win the game 121-111. You win $2.50, $2 for the win and $0.50 for the 10 pegs.
But if you win 121-81, you win $8.00 even. ($2 for the win + $2 for the pegs)X 2 for the skunk.

I don't think there are any hard-and-fast gambling rules for crib, so you could make your own adjustments, but I think this is the basic template. Hope you make some hay!

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