Playing 4th ace for 31

I recently played the 4th ace in a row for 31 while playing my dad. I thought he was going to fall out of his chair, lol. What r the odds of this happening? I have been playing for 45 + years & have never seen it before???

31 for 14

Rare but happens every day.

Four Aces For 31

I once played 4 aces for 31 in a game of four-handed cribbage. How can you possibly do it in two-handed cribbage?

Easy. dealt 7 7 A A, opponent

Easy. dealt 7 7 A A, opponent dealt 7 6 A A. Lead card: 7, then 7 for a pair, then 7 for trips, then 6 for no points, then A, then A for a pair, then A for trips, then A for quads and 31 count. Of course, there are many other combinations.

You cannot

You could theoretically play 3 Aces to 31, but cannot play all 4. Say you are holding 7, A, A, A as dealer and other player is holding X, X, X, A. (X=10 card) If they lead a 10, you play your 7, they play a 10, you place and Ace to 28, they play an Ace to 29, you have the remaining Aces for 30 and 31. So in this scenario you would score? Don't look...try and figure it out...20 points for pegging. You would get 6 points for your 2nd Ace, an 14 points for the 4th Ace because you hit 31 exactly.


Don't understand the question.

Me too

Once had 2 lots of 31 for 14 in an afternoon session with a mate. one with 7's and the other with aces.

By my very rough estimate,

By my very rough estimate, this would be around one in 95,000.


That would mean that it is about 7 times higher than getting a 28 hand.