play phase

if during play you opponent calls a go, for arguements sake on 26 but you still have cards left (a 2, and a 3) can, or do you have to continue on to 31 on your own or does play start again at 0 after the "go" is called?


continue on to 31...

Play on

If you have cards in your hand that you can play on the way to 31, you MUST play them. Failure to do so results in a penalty. A renege is a failure to play a card that could have been played. A player may correct a "go" call before either player pegs a point or before the opponent plays a card. Thereafter, when a renege card is played, the opponent may claim a renege up to the time he or she plays the next card or announces the count of his or her hand. Any cards played after the renege occurs or the pegging of a "go" shall be retrieved by both players, and any points pegged (or scored) are retracted. The non-offending player receives two points for each card that singly could have been played. The nonoffending player decides if the reneged card(s) will be dead or played. Play continues, and all cards in both hands and crib are counted. For example, if the count is 25 and a player whose turn it is holds A, 5, and 6 and does not play any of the three cards and says "go," that is a "triple regnege," and the opponent gets six points (two for each card). Confused? Play all your cards to 31!