Paying 120 on a 60 hole board

I've got some cool boards that only have 60 holes (30 up one side). After having a few drinks, I've found it hard to peg accurately. Any suggestions on how to play to 120 on a board with only 60 holes per player?


Hi, Not an answer, sorry. The same question asked differently. I am new to Cribbage, I have a 60 hole board. Does it ever happen that you get confused if on the first time round or the second - say 25 not 75. Maybe after a few drinks, late night or just after rescuing the roast.

60-hole board

Yes it is sometimes hard to remember where you were, you even see this when playing a lot of games on a board with 121 holes. People peg backwards, sideways etc. Unless you are using a very small travel cribbage board, you could probably buy a larger 121 hole board for under $10.00 or visit your local grass roots cribbage club and they would probably give you one if you asked nice enough.

Good Pegging!

Alternate peg for second laps.

This requires 4 pegs of the same color and two of a different color. Or you can take a set of 3 and 3 and mark two of the pegs in some way. Permanent marker would work.

If you make it around the track once, you replace one of your normal pegs with the new color (or marked peg) and that signifies you're on your second lap.

Then when you start a new game you go back to having matched pegs.

Let me know if that works for you.