Double and triple runs

Danielle emailed with the following question:

If I have 8,8,9,10 in my hand; and an 8 shows on board (on deck), what are the total points for my hand when scoring? Have you ever heard of the term "double run"? if so, can you explain it to me?

This is something often asked, so Cribbage Corner's resident rules expert Ezra replies:


As you know, you can score for a run of 3 more cards in sequence in your hand. But if you can make such a run in different ways, you score multiple times for each way you can make the run.

Taking your example, you have a run of 3 cards 8-9-10 which scores 3 points (one for each card in the sequence). But there are three different ways to make this run (using each of the 8s with the 9-10). So you get to score the run 3 times! That's 9 points, plus the 6 points for the pair royal of 8s, making 15 in all.

To recap, a single run is any sequence of 3 or more cards (Ace is low, so Q-K-A is not a run, but A-2-3 is). A double run is any such run where one of the cards is part of a pair: for example, 4-5-5-6, and it scores double. A triple run is one where you have three-of-a-kind of one of the cards, for example 7-8-8-8-9. It scores triple!

Very good post, thanks a lot.

Very good post, thanks a lot.

Scoring Difference

My parents and I were playing cribbage last night, and my dad got a triple run twice in the same game, what are the odds of that?!?

However, we are confused on the scoring. Look at my reasoning below:

Cut card: 8hearts

Cards in hand: 8spades,8clubs,9diamonds,10hearts

Why isn't it a total of 18 points, for having two double runs (8 each) and one pair (2) like below:

First double run for 8:


Second double run for another 8:


And a final pair for 2:

8hearts, 8spades

Doesn't it make sense that you'd get the highest score possible?


"Double run" and "Triple run"

"Double run" and "Triple run" are just convenient ways of counting points for runs, which are the only runs that are actually counted.

A double run (e.g. 8-8-9-10) counts 8 points because you have two runs (3 each) and a pair (2) for a total of 8.

A triple run (e.g. 8-8-8-9-10) has three separate runs (3x3 pts) plus three pairs (6) for a total of 15.

You don't get to count this as "two double runs" because that would be counting the same run twice. You have three runs, not four.

run of three

If I have a 2,3,4 2,3,4 in my crib. What are the total points for this?

How did you get 6 cards?

How did you get 6 cards?

6 cards?


If there are 6 cards in your crib, your crib is dead and you cannot count it.

Sorry I meant to say in my

Sorry I meant to say in my hand not in the crib.

oops in my hand not in the

oops in my hand not in the crib. How do you count this?

6 cards?


You still have 6 cards that you are counting. You cannot have that many cards. You should have 4 in your hand and a starter card. That's a total of 5 cards. Please send again with a corrected amount of cards.

Triple run?

We have 8,7,7,7 and a 9 came up on deck. How would should we count this?
We counted it as 3 double runs ( 24 point) plus her 6 points in 15's.

You don't have 3 double runs.

You don't have 3 double runs. You have a triple run.

You get 3 points for each separate run, which is why a double run is 8 (2x3 and two for the pair).

A triple run is worth 3x3=9, plus 6 for the three distinct pairs, which makes 15.

(In your case, you add 6 for the three 15's - this hand is worth 21.)

You don't get to count "3 double runs" - that would amount to counting each run twice.

What about the points for

What about the points for "31"?

What if you have a double

What if you have a double double run. Such as 4,4,5,5,6


What is your question. The score of that hand is 24

That's a "quadruple run" -

That's a "quadruple run" - there are four different ways to make a run of three cards, for example if your cards are 4 of hearts, 4 of spades, 5 of hearts, 5 of spades, 6 of diamonds you get:

3 pts for 4h-5h-6d
3 pts for 4s-5h-6d
3 pts for 4h-5s-6d
3 pts for 4s-5s-6d
Total = 12 pts for the runs

In addition, you have 4 pts for the two pairs. So any quadruple run is worth 16 pts for runs and pairs:

1-2-2-3-3 = 16 pts
10-10-J-Q-Q = 16 pts

But wait, we haven't counted the fifteens yet!

With 4-4-5-5-6, there are four ways to make 15 (taking one of the 4's, one of the 5's and a 6) so that's worth an extra 8 pts.

Total = 24 pts!

You have a "16 without a 15"

You have a "16 without a 15"

You have "a 16 without A 15"

You have "a 16 without A 15"