Recommend cribbage book

Alegis wrote in to ask:

Have you read or are you aware of anyone who has read Cribbage Simplified: From Beginner to Grandmaster by J.T. Best? If so can you provide any input as to how it might rank as opposed to the many other such books available. Which one would you recommend relative to overall comprehensiveness and tactical quality. I simply cannot buy all of them but I do want to make the wisest choice!

We forwarded your question to Ezra, Cribbage Corner's resident librarian and dusty archivist of cribbage books. Ezra writes:

Cribbage Corner has its own Amazon list of recommended books:

Essential cribbage books from Cribbage Corner

Some of these are mentioned on the books page but we have been so busy building the site, we haven't got around to writing detailed reviews of these books yet. If you had to buy one book on cribbage I would recommend:

Play Winning Cribbage by DeLynn Colvert

The second choice would be:

Cribbage: A New Concept by John E. Chambers

Both of these books give an excellent introduction to the modern 'board strategy' concept of cribbage, which is central to successful tournament play.