Scoring a flush in the crib

James Walker emailed to ask:

four card flush...I know it counts fourin hand ...BUT does it score four in CRIB ?

There is a special rule for a flush in the crib. Normally, if you have four or more cards of the same suit in your hand, including the turn up card, you can score a flush. In the crib, however, a flush only scores if all four cards AND the turn up are the same suit. In other words, only a 5-card flush counts in the crib.

Flush and right Jack

If I have 4 of the same suit including the jack and that suit is cut, I score 5 for my flush but do I score an additional point for having the right jack?

Yes you do. Assuming you have

Yes you do. Assuming you have no runs in your five-card flush, you peg five for the flush and one for Nobs for six.