impossible scores

My brother and I were talking about impossible hands to get. We have always known that 19 is an impossible hand to get. It has even been passed down in our family that if you get a 0 when counting a hand that you got a 19. But we were trying to figure out if a 25, 26, or 27 was possible. Can any one clear this up for us and if you can get them, how?

19 IS possible

I have been playing Crib for nearly 40 years and had always been taught by my grandparents and father that when you got a hand of nought, that you called it 19 as 19 was an impossible score. However, I have just been playing Crib with my daughter and we just had a 19 hand.

10 hearts
Jack clubs
Jack spades
Queen hearts

Then when we cut the deck, we got a:

Queen Clubs

So that was 2 double runs of 10/Jack/Queen = 16
Then 2 more points for the double Queens = 18
Then one for his nob because of the Jack and Queen of Clubs = 19.

Is that correct? 4 generations of Crib scoring shattered!! ;)

Incorrect, 2 DB runs=16, 4

Incorrect, 2 DB runs=16, 4 pts for DB Queens and Jacks, nob for Jack

19 is NOT possible

How did you get 16 for your double runs? Let's try this again:

Run of 3 for 3 (10-J-Q)
Run of 3 for 6 (10-J-Q)
Run of 3 for 9 (10-J-Q)
Run of 3 for 12 (10-J-Q)
Pair for 14 (Jacks)
Pair for 16 (Queens)
Nobs for 17

The reason double runs total 8 is because the two runs individually total 6, plus the included pair makes 8. Which means you counted one of your pairs twice.

That's not a 19 hand

That hand is worth 17, not 19. You counted one of your pairs twice.

The runs are 4 times 3, not 4 times 4

Hi, you won't score 16 for the runs, as these are runs of three and not four.

Double-Double Runs

As described above, the hands do equal 16 (17 with the nobs) you might be forgetting about the pairs in there.


The pair of Queens is already included in counting the double run as is the pair of Jacks. Double runs are ALWAYS 16 then if there are any 15's, they are added to 16.
So the score for this hand would be 17.

19 is possible:

My hand: 4 & 5 and jack of one suit (eg diamonds) plus a 6 of a different suit. 6 of diamonds turns up.
Run: 6 points
Pair: 2 points
Flush: 4 points
Jack: 1 point
15's: 6 points

That's 19 points.

Try Counting again

Here is your hand J456. 6 is the starter card as the same suit as the jack. This hand is worth 15 points, not 19. You cannot get a flush of four points because you do not have all 4 cards in your hand of the same suit. Because of that the hand is only worth 15 points.

19 is not possible, but nice try

Nice try Lance, I would love to play muggins against you!

The flush has to be all the cards in your hand, not the selective ones you chose.
(in your crib it has to include the turn cad too)

19 is still impossible


Think again...

In order for you to have a flush all 4 cards in your hand must be of the same suit.

There is no flush in that

There is no flush in that hand. You may have 3 (4 of hearts, 5 of hearts, 6 of hearts for example) of the same card, but how do you have 4? First of all, unless you have duplicate sixes this is impossible because you already have a 6 of hearts if that was your "fourth", next, the jack can't be a heart either because it needs to match the cut card. Second, you do not count the flush unless it is all 5 cards. Hence a flush in poker needs 5 cards not 4, either way theres no flush, this hand counts 15. 19 IS IMPOSSIBLE THIS IS A STUPID FORUM CHAT.

19 is possible


You don't have a flush. All cards in hand have to be the same suit for a flush

thats not nineteen

flush only counts in hand

This hand is not 19

You are counting a flush, but a flush must be all in the hand and the cut card can only be counted if the suit matches all 4 cards in the hand. You cannot have 3 cards of the same suit in your hand and one in the cut card and count it as a flush.

You said you were holding a 6

You said you were holding a 6 of a different suit. How the heck does that score 4 for a flush? Obviously you don't know how to play cribbage. You should just retire while you are behind. The hand score is 15

The hand scores 15. You can't

The hand scores 15. You can't have a flush with a "6 of a different suit" in your hand. You should retire while you are behind

4,5,J of one suit and 6 of

4,5,J of one suit and 6 of another will eliminate your flush

19 is possible

No it's not. For a flush all four cards must be in hand. You may only count the turn up if it's of the same suit and in the box it's worse; all 5 cards must be of the same suit !!!!

Doesn't work

Flush only counts with all four in your hand (not the card turned up). So the hand is worth 15 points. Switching the six of diamonds into your hand with another six means you miss the 1 for the Jack, so hand is worth 18.

You can only take the points

You can only take the points for a flush if all four of the cards in your hand are the same. The different suit you have in your hand negates the flush. Sorry.

Really, it is not.

To have a flush in cribbage you must hold all 4 cards of the same suit in your hand. That counts as 4 points. If you are lucky enough to cut a 5th card of the same suit, it is scored as 5 points. The scoring of your hand would be 15 points and not 19 because you do not have a 4 card flush.

A flush in the crib can only be of the 5 card variety.

3 3 3 4 5?

Please help my cards are 3 3 3 4 and a 5?

Your hand has a value of 21

Your hand has a value of 21 points. Lets assume some suits. 3h, 3d, 4, 5 = a 15, thence 3h, 3d, 3s, 4, 5 = a 15, then 3d, 3s, 4, 5 is yet another 15. In total, you have 3 seperate 15's for 6 points. Add in the triple run worth 15 for a total of 21. Of course, all triple runs are worth 15 pts. In your case with three different 3's, you have a 3h,4,5 -- a 3d,4,5 -- and a 3s,4,5 worth 3 points each for a run total of 9, plus the triple 3's worth 6 more, for your triple run total of 15. Hope that helps you out.

Triple run

3,3,3,4,5 is a very nice hand. You have 3 sets of 15 and a triple run of 15 for a total of 21 points.

this equals 19

cut is 10 of diamonds

hand is jack of diamond 5 spades 5 diamnods 5 of clubs

3 5's equals 6
15's equals 12
teh right jack is 1
that equals 19

Remember the 3 5s!

You have forgotten your last 15 which is the three fives. That hand is worth 21.

3 3 3 4 5?

You have 15-2, 15-4, 15-6 and a three card triple run counting 15 for a total of 21 points.





33345 = 21

3x 345 = 9
3 of kind = 6
3345 for 15x 3 = 6

You have 21 6 for the 3 ways

You have 21

6 for the 3 ways to make 15... leaving each 3 out once.

6 for the royal pair (trip 3s)

9 for the 3 runs of 3







Score 19?

Hi everyone. Could someone clarify a hand for me, as in sure I actually scored 19 in my hand and can't see what I'm missing.
Hand was K-spades, J-hearts, 5-clubs, 5-diamonds and turn card was 5-hearts.
So I scored it as 15:12, 3x5's for 6, plus 1 for J-hearts, scoring 19.

Missed one fifteen

K 5 = 2
K 5 = 2
K 5 = 2
J 5 = 2
J 5 = 2
J 5 = 2
5 5 5 = 2
5 5 = 2
5 5 = 2
5 5 = 2
Jack = 1
Total: 21

Read above, that hand is a

Read above, that hand is a variation of previous ones, and worth 21 (20 without the jack's bonus point). Plus, you're necro-posting.

25 is possible

3 5's and a jack of diamond. Flop card is a king of diamonds


Again this is only 21 points. Any combination of three 5's and two different face cards is ALWAYS 20 points. If you also add in the correct jack, it would then be 21 points. If the face cards are the same (say two Kings) then it would be 22 points and lastly if a 5 is cut and you are holding two Jacks and one is the correct suit, then it is 23 points. It will NEVER EVER be 25 points. Ever. Not in a million years. If you have arrived at 25 points, or 19 or 26 or 27, start over. You have not added correctly.

Re: 25 is possible

Once again a score of 21 - seven 15s (14), three 5s (6) and one for his nob. 14 + 6 + 1 = 21. No idea where the extra 4 came from!

possible 19 piont hand

I was dealt J hearts, J clubs, 10 hearts, 9 hearts and 5 hearts was cut I counted it several times it comes out to 19 points 8 for double run 6 for 15s 4 for hearts and 1 for nobs = 19


This is not poker. ALL of the cards in your hand must the the same suit in order to score points. If all of the cards in your hand were the same suit, then you could not have a double run. Your hand was worth 15, not 19.

You don't get to count "4 for

You don't get to count "4 for hearts" because you don't have four hearts in your hand.

Total = 15 pts.

Why can't you get a 30 in

Why can't you get a 30 in crib?

This baffles me.

Say I am dealing.

My hand has 4 5's in it.

I turn any Jack.

Isn't that Jack worth two points to me?

That would give me 30 instead of 29.

It is the same hand anyway you look at it.

Have I been playing wrong all of this time in counting 2 points for turning up the Jack?

You get 30 points indeed.

You get 30 points indeed. But you don't get to say you have a 30-point hand.

You have for 5's.

When the Jack is turned, you score 2 points for His Heels.

Then you play and peg.

Then everyone counts their hand.

As dealer, you count your hand last, and your hand is worth 28 points.

So you did score 30 points total. But the hand itself is 28.

Value vs. scoring of the hand

Correct on claiming the Jack for two points when it is turned over as the starter card and you are the dealer. Now there are a lot of things that are going to happen between now and when you get to count your hand. You MIGHT not even get to count your hand if your opponent goes out! Anyway do you also count the pegs that you made as part of your hand? Let's say that They lead a 10 you play a 5 for 2 points, they play a 6 to 21, you play a 5, they say go and you play another 5 for 31 for 4 points. Then they play another 10 and you play another 5 for another two points. Do you get to say that your hand is now worth 6 points of pegging 2 for the jack and 28 in your hand for a total of 36 points? No you don't. Each of these are separate parts of cribbage and are NOT scored together. Hands are only worth what they are scored when you count your hand. Pegging, nobs and nibs are completely different and are NOT part of your hand. Only your hand is counted as your hand. Your total holes that you moved down a board might be 30, or even more, but the count of your hand is only 28 and cannot exceed 29.


You are dealt:
5 of diamonds
5 of clubs
5 of hearts
Jack of hearts

The cut card is: 10 of hearts

That would be 19

Please add all your cards

5+5+5 equals ? This is probably one of the most miscounted hands in all of cribbage. You have 21 points here, not 19. 3 fives and two face cards always scores AT LEAST 20 points.

Let's count fifteens first:

Let's count fifteens first:

J+5 three times = 6
10+5 three times = 6
5+5+5 = 2

So, total for the fifteens = 14 .

Pairs Royal (three of a kind) = 6.

And Nobs (Jack of the turn-up suit) = 1.

Total = 14 + 6 + 1 = 21 !