Looking for travel cribbage set

Shawna wrote in to ask:

I am looking to buy a complete cribbage set, however I do not know a THING about Cribbage. Could you kindly let me know of what I should buy, and if you have any suggestions of where I should buy (online), that would be fantastic.

I would like to spend no more than $50 on a complete set. I am looking for a set that you can travel with, along the lines of a fold up cribbage set.

Hi Shawna, well I think a folding travel cribbage set would be ideal for you. The set below is one that we sell through the Cribbage Corner affiliate scheme; it includes a pack of cards, cribbage board and pegs, and retails at $19.48:

Travel Cribbage Game with Playing Cards

Travel Cribbage Game with Playing Cards

From one side of the pond to the other, the game of Cribbage has a faithful following. And now it can follow you wherever you go in a handy carrying case. The sturdy, high-quality leatherette case neatly stores a deck of plastic coated playing cards and a folding cribbage board inside. The wooden cribbage board measures 7.25 x 2 when unfolded, and stores 4 cribbage pegs on the underside of the board.

Once you have got your cribbage board, have a look at our cribbage rules section and that should get you started! A great way to learn to play cribbage is to play against the computer, so try one of our free cribbage games to download for Windows.

I hope this helps.

Advoid this set

A true Cribbage set includes SIX (6) pegs, 3 of each color. When you play, you "jump" your leading peg by the amount of your score. That way, you never forget your starting point and there are no disputes about the count.

The third peg is used to keep track of the games won in a third set of holes.