Scoring a run in the play

John writes:

During the play, suppose the play went thusly:
Player 1: 10
player 2: King
player 1: 2
player 2: Ace
player 1: says "go"
player 2: plays a 3 and a 4.

How is this scored?

First player 2 scores a point for go. Then, on playing the 3, he can peg 3 points for the run (A-2-3). Then, on playing the 4, he can peg 4 more points (A-2-3-4), and finally one for last, making 9 in all!

Each card played scores points for any run it completes.

Runs and sequences question

Here's another twist on this, from Gmommy7702:

We are having a problem understanding a play, first a 3 was played and then a 2 and then a 1 then the next person played a 2 and was told that they earned another 3 points.

could you please let me know what the rules say about this play?

I find it helpful to think about it the way it's phrased above:

Each card played scores points for any run it completes

In other words, if it doesn't complete a run of 3 or more cards, it doesn't score. The sequence 3-2-1 is a run, so the player playing the 1 pegged 3 points. The player who played the 2 after that did not complete a run (the 3-2-1 run had already been completed and scored) so should not have pegged any points.

RE: scoring a run in the play

Actually, this answer is slightly incorrect. Player 2 does NOT get a point for go at the time that Player 1 announces the go. Player 2 must play out the remaining playable cards (in this case, both of his remaining cards) before taking a point for the go. He does get the 3 peg points for the run of 3 (A-2-3) and 4 more points for the run of 4 (A-2-3-4) and THEN he gets 1 point for last card. He earns a total of 8 points in pegging this hand.