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counting runs after a player says "Go"

Final hand of game I have 3-jacks and a 5, my opponent has 5,4,3,2

Here is the sequence of the count

Me - Jack (10)
opp - 5 (15 for 2)
Me - 5 (20 for pair and 2)
Opp - 4 (24)
I - say GO
Opp - plays 3, 2 for 29...
Does he get to peg for a run of three and a run of 4 for 7pts (8 with the go) or does he only get the run of 4 and the go for 5?

Hypothetical counting

If you were to five 5s in crabbahe how many 15s is that? If u have 5 of any number how many pairs is that?


Jake. Part of cribbage is being able to count. First off in answer to your questions, I do not know what kind of a card deck you are using, but the ones that I use do not have five of any number. Lets examine your first question. Since you need 3 of the fives to make each 15 and cannot use the exact same fives more than once, let us break them into suits.
(clubs, spades, hearts) (clubs, spades, diamonds) (diamonds, hearts, clubs) (diamonds, hearts, spades). Now that was not too hard was it?