A question about specific hand during the count in a four player game.

Just trying to end an argument here, I have asked many people and have not been able to get a consensus.
1st card is and 8
2nd card is a 7= 15 for 2 points
3rd card is a 6= 21 and a run of three for three points
4th card is a 5= 26 and a run of four for four points
5th card is a 5= 31 for one of two possibilities.
Either it is 31 for two points plus a pair for four points altogether,
OR it is 31 for two points plus a double run of four for twelve points altogether.
Thank you for your answers!



Re: A question about specific hand during the count...


You don't score double runs in the play. An easy way to remember it is that you score points for any run which your card completes. In other words, if it doesn't complete a run, it doesn't score. The second 5 above doesn't complete a run (the first 5 did that), so it only scores for a pair and 31: four points altogether.

Counting an Ace

Does an Ace only count low in a run or can it be used with Queen, King, Ace for a run?

Thank you.

Re: Counting an Ace

Hi Bobbie,

Aces are always low in cribbage - see our page about Aces in Cribbage here.