Counting your hand question

I'm reading the cribbage rules section of the website and it reads after one player get's to 31 you count you hands. What cards do you count? The one's you discarded to make up 31? Jus the cards you layed down or all of them together? This game is not easy to learn. But I'm trying.

Re: Pegging Question


I hope you're having a lot of fun learning cribbage! It can be a little confusing at first but you'll soon find it very easy.

In some card games you keep the cards in your hand, in others you play out all your cards one by one. Cribbage is a little unusual in that you do both: each player lays their cards down one by one, but then when you are both out of cards, you gather them up again and count the score in your hand.

A common way to do this is for each player to play her card in front of herself, so that she can easily gather them up again at the end without getting mixed up with her opponent's cards.

Note that you keep a running count until you reach 31 (or neither can play without going over 31); at this point, if either of you still has cards in your hand, the count resets to zero, and you continue until all cards are played. Only then do you score the hand.

If you look at this page there is an example sequence of play which will demonstrate this: