"corners" on the cribbage board

We recently had a board given to us that has all the "bells and whistles", in cluding spots to mark high hand, skunks and corners. What exactly is corners?
I thought it might simply be the first to reach the corner but that seemed just too simple. Does anyone know what this is? I have searched through many different versions of the rules and have found nothing mentioning this.


The basic cribbage board consists of four parallel rows of thirty holes with two "storage" holes to hold the pegs before play begins. Two rows are on one side of the board and two on the other, each player owning one pair of tracks.

The standard game consists of one hundred twenty one points which are marked by each player advancing his scoring pegs up the outer of his two tracks as he pegs in play and scores his hand or crib. When the score reaches thirty the player's peg is at the top of the column. The next point scored moves the peg to the inside track and progresses downward from there. Between hole thirty and thirty one the player "turns a corner".

In some games, especially if a wager is involved, a bonus might be offered for the first player to reach a corner, thus the option to count them.

A corner also defines the "street" or column being travelled. For instance, the first thirty points is referred to "First Street" and after turning the corner the player is said to be on "Second Street" and so forth unto Fourth Street and "Out."


Thanks Sam - I suspected that might be it. I've created a new corners page for the site to reflect this.

Scoring the GO, scenarios

I am a bit confused about scoring the go. I will present a couple of sample hands, could someone tell me if i am scoring them correctly?
****Hand One
Me: lay down 5, count is 25
Opponent: Go
Me: lay down 3, count is 28
Me: lay down 2, count is 30
Do i peg one only for the go, or 2, one for the go, then one for the next go
What if the 2 was a 3, making the count 31, would i peg 2 or 3
*****Hand 2
Me: i lay down a 10, count is 30
opponent: Go
Me: i can't play
Do i get a point for the GO?

Re: Scoring the GO, scenarios

Hand 1:

You lay down 5, count is 25
Opponent: Go
You peg one point for go.
You play the 3 and the 2.
The count starts again at zero.

Hand 2:

You lay a 10, count is 30
Opponent: Go
You peg one point for go.
The count starts again at zero.

I hope this helps!

The reply to your question

The reply to your question that was given is wrong!!!
If you lay down a 5 making 25, other person says go, then you lay down your 3 or 2 for 28 or 29 points and then lay down the other one to get as close as you can to 31 without going over. If you get a 30 and neither has the Ace, then it is your go because you have 30 points. Do not start the count over at 0 if you can still play! If you can play, you must.

Thanks for the reply. Wow 4

Thanks for the reply. Wow 4 years late. I guess nobody comes to this site anymore, but thanks for the answer

The GO

John was incorrect. Scoring the Go is always done after all possible cards equal to or under 31 have been played. The last person to play a card equal to or less than 31 gets one point for the Go. If they hit 31 exactly it is two points, one for the Go and a bonus point.

Kevin's reply to the 'go'

Kevin's reply to the 'go' question is how I was taught as well.