Has anyone here played cribbage online at ?

It's a lot of fun, but I'm having a hard time getting my rating up - does anyone have any tips?


I have played on there but not for a while. There's a full review on the Online Cribbage page, though I'm not sure that'll help you much!

If you're a beginning player, check out the strategy guide for some useful tips.

Master Cribbage Player

Master cribbage player would like to play but can't figure out the damn website?

How do you sign onto this site to play!


There are no games to be played here Larry. I would try or for online games against other people. There are several apps and sites where you can play a computer. is one of the more popular sites out there. They run tournaments every couple of hours and there are normally people online to play nearly 24 hours a day. You will need to set up a free account with them by choosing a username and password and make sure you have the correct java version. You can also pay a yearly fee (which is quite reasonable) which opens up a lot of functions to the site. I personally prefer to It seems to be more fun, the players and their chatting is monitored for abuse and problem players are kicked out or suspended. Almost all players are polite. Just follow the instructions on screen to start playing. There are also greeters there that can help you out.


I agree with you to a degree. However, I have found it can e quite elitist with a few seemingly running the site. The "director" of the site seems to be a nice guy and reasonable, but he continuously uses his life circumstances as an excuse for the MANY site issues. Only recently has my complaints about rude and vulgar players been taken seriously. Also, be prepared to wait for long periods of time during tournaments. There is no timer option available.....tournaments or regular everyone is held up by those who are beginners or lack basic arithmetic skills. Do not waste your money and become a member as the only discernible advantage to members is if theymust have avatars etc.

ecribbage - is cribbage really being played there?

I have been playing several games at this ecribbage site and have found it to be very disappointing. in my last 30 games I have lost 24. and ironically all my opponents have stated that the site is programmed and that I must be in some weird funk. They have said this because of the hands I have gotten and mainly because of how incredible the cuts have been in their favor. It isn't until the very last hand that the cut card helps me and not them. but of course they are 5 or 6 points away and I am over 30. By the way did I mention 11 of those 24 loses involved me being skunked. The patterns of the cards are so terrible that success only comes when you actually play the game wrong and go against statistics. I really haven't anything good to say about the game the site offers. My advise to others is to stay away.

It is free

It's a free site. if you want to play for money go to Please don't get all worked up about free sites. It's not like anything is being bruised except your ego. Nobody even knows who you are.

Why is the email down?

The site ecribbage must keep getting so much negative emails that it has shut down receiving emails. I can't say I am surprised by this. The game doesn't involve random cards - almost every one who has played several hands there will state this. It could be a descent site if thay would fix the computer bias. My advise is don't get started playing here. It teaches you to play the game wrongly. And I don't think the site creators care. If they did care they would get the email working again.