scoring runs during play?

I am so confused about scoring a double run while pegging. Suppose the play goes 3-2-A. At that point the player playing the ace scores 3. If his opponent plays another Ace, does he score 4 for a run of 4 plus 2 for the pair?

What if the play goes this way 3-3-2-A. Does the player of the Ace count 3 or 4? What if tne next play is another A? What does that player count?

Can someone state the rule about scoring runs & pairs during play clearly enough that even an idiot like me can get it?


opponent plays a 5
i play a 2
opponent plays a 3
i play a 4 (for 4 points)
opponent says "go"
I play a 5 - does this get me another run of 3 plus the "go"


It actually gives you a run of 4 and last card. 5, 2, 3, 4, 5. The start and the finish both have uninterrupted runs of 4.


You actually score 4 plus an extra 1 for the "go". The run was 2-3-4-5

No, a "go" breaks the

No, a "go" breaks the sequence of cards played.

As a reminder, you may want to flip the played cards face-down after a 31 or a "go". This means the played cards can't be used to make runs!

You are so wrong

Sorry Benoit, but you couldn't be so wrong. Saying "go" does not break any sequence of cards ever, except if everyone says go and that ends the "round" of cards. If you play after the go and it is less than 31 then it's perfectly fine.

Suggest you learn the rules!!

I stand corrected, yes only

I stand corrected, yes only when everyone has said Go and the count returns to zero is when the sequence gets broken.

Don;t do that

You are not allowed to flip cards over. That is an advantage or disadvantage and you are not allowed to flip cards over while pegging.

3 handed crib if lead with 4

3 handed crib if lead with 4 2 5 3 than ace is it still a run even if you Barry your own cards

Counting the "last card"

If the total in a play is 15 for two points and it is also the "last card" in the play does the player get 1 point for last card?

Last card vs go

There is technically no "Last Card" point in cribbage. It is technically a "Go", but we often call it last card. A go is scored when the player plays a card closest to 31 without going over and no other player can then play. A last card qualifies for a Go, because no other player can play getting them closer to 31. The answer Janet is yes. Take your final Go (last card) no matter where it lands!

By all means. You score

By all means. You score 15-2, plus 1 for last card.

counting run in cribbage

I laid a 5 to complete a 5,6,4,7,8 run. Does it count for 5 points and if not; why.

Are you listing the cards

Are you listing the cards played in order? Then...
5 = 5
6 = 11
4 = 15 for 5 (15-2 + run of 3)
7 = 22 for 4
8 = 30 for 5
At this point you cannot play a 5 because it would bring the count over 31.

If you listed the cards in reverse order, then:
8 = 8
7 = 15 for 2
4 = 19
6 = 25
5 = 30 for 5 (the last 5 cards make a 5-run, order doesn't matter)