Highest possible score for Cribbage Squares?

I was wondering if anyone could help. Been playing Cribbage Squares for some time now - the solitaire city version on the iphone which firstly has reminded me how much I like cribbage again, but now being the competitive sort I want to see what the perfect hand would be. Obviously 29 for a single row but the highest I have managed for the squares version is (a quite respectable) 117. But the top score on the high scores is 141!! and to break into the top 50 you need 118! Think I need a different strategy and wondered if anyone has any ideas.

highest score

The highest score I have been able to come up with in a cribbage square, assuming I have total control of the cards, is 170 points. Trying to get the 29 is in my opinion a mistake. I used all the face cards, all the 5's, and a 10. Arrange them to make runs and flushes and four-or-a-kinds. One of the 5's is the kicker, use the same suit as your 10, to give you extra 15's and pairs Don't forget your two Nobs!

My next best is 165, using all 6, 7, 8, 9, plus a single 3, with one 6 as the kicker and the 3 having its same suit. Arrangement is such to make runs and flushes and pairs and lots of 15's. A 4-of-a-kind actually underperforms compared to the quadruple runs, but one is needed. There is also a row of 13 points, which I am sure with more study could be improved.

After that it goes down quickly.

Cribbage Squares High Score

It is possible to get 162 by using all the 6's in the middle
All the 3's in the outer corners. Then the 4's, 5's and one 7
around the middle edges.

3, 4, 5, 3 = 20
5, 6, 6, 4 = 24 Starter 5
4, 6, 6, 5 = 24
3, 4, 7, 3 = 14
= = = =
20 24 16 20 = 162

I haven't tried to include any Flushes because to count they have to
match the suit of the starter therefore even if you tweak the cards
you will only ever get one flush.

Flushes are allowed with the

Flushes are allowed with the four cards in the hand. However, I don't think you could improve your square with flushes because you have so many quadruple runs.


It must just be the version I play on (which is Solitaire City on iPad)
That only counts flushes if the starter matches the other 4 which you have laid.

Cribbage Square High Score Video

Just found this on youtube. It seems getting 144 is Child's Play