Thanksgiving family feud

Jason Massie writes:

Dear Cribbage Corner,

I am hoping someone can settle a Thanksgiving day dilema. We had a hand of 2-2-3-8 and a 2 was cut. How many points is there, 10 or 12?


This is not an easy hand to count at first glance, but let's take it step by step. First the 15s. The 8 and 3 make 11, so requiring 4 more to make 15. As there are three 2s, there are three sets of different pairs of 2s to do this with. Therefore three 15s, for six points.

(We know all 15-scoring combinations must include the 3, because there must always be an odd-numbered card - that's a time-saving tip!)

Now count pairs - we already agreed there are three pairs of 2s, for another six points. That's 12 altogether, so I hope your family can now be reunited and enjoy many more games of cribbage!