Out of order runs

Lucy writes:

If a sequence like: 2-4-5-3-7-6. Can the person that put the 6 count 6 points?


Indeed she can! And if her opponent held an Ace, he could play it for another 7 points. Anyone who plays a card which completes a run, whether in order or not, scores a point for every card in that run.

I hope this helps.

crib rules

how is this scored.

me play a 4
opponent play a 6
me me play a 5 to score 3 points, correct?
opponent plays a 4. can opponent collect for 3 points on this?

Player 1: 4 Player 2:

Player 1: 4
Player 2: 6
Player 1: 5 (scores five: two for the 15 and three for the run of 3)
Player 2: 3 (scores four for the run of 4)

okay. so cards laid down are

okay. so cards laid down are 2,4,5,3,7,6 for a run of 6 for me. If my opponent lays down a 6, does this
now put a stop to THIS sequence of THIS run?