Out of order runs

Lucy writes:

If a sequence like: 2-4-5-3-7-6. Can the person that put the 6 count 6 points?


Indeed she can! And if her opponent held an Ace, he could play it for another 7 points. Anyone who plays a card which completes a run, whether in order or not, scores a point for every card in that run.

I hope this helps.

crib rules

how is this scored.

me play a 4
opponent play a 6
me me play a 5 to score 3 points, correct?
opponent plays a 4. can opponent collect for 3 points on this?

Player 1: 4 Player 2:

Player 1: 4
Player 2: 6
Player 1: 5 (scores five: two for the 15 and three for the run of 3)
Player 2: 3 (scores four for the run of 4)

okay. so cards laid down are

okay. so cards laid down are 2,4,5,3,7,6 for a run of 6 for me. If my opponent lays down a 6, does this
now put a stop to THIS sequence of THIS run?



Your opponent cannot lay down another 6. You know why? Because it would bring the count above 31, which they cannot do. But....having said that, I think I get your point and the answer is yes. If you pair a card, then that completely stops the run sequence and it HAS to be restarted. for instance look at this.

A, 2, 3, A, A, 3, 2, 4.

Now the third Ace placed STOPPED the run from continuing, BUT the run started all over again when the second two (and also a 15-2) was played and the then when the final 4 was played that also completed a run, but it had NOTHING to do with the first run in the sequence.