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Order of runs question

Question: The last hand was being played. The person on my left played a 7. My partner played a 8 which made it 15 for 2 points. The person on my right played a 6 which made it 21 for 3 points. I could not play. The person on my left could not play. My partner played 8 which made it 29. End of play for sequence 8-7-6 for three more points - plus 1 = 4. Right?

Thanks for your help - Jim G.

No Second Run in this Play

I'm seeing 6, 8, 6, not a run: (7)+(8)+15+(6)+21+(8)=29. The (6) on the (7) played on the (8) is the only run in this scenario.


The 7 was played first, then the 8, then a 6 and then an 8? (7, 8, 6, 8) Only the first run of 7,8,6 is a run. You do not get a run from 8,6,8. If they had played a 9, 5 or 7 then they would have had a run.